Critical Endangered Escape

Critical Endangered Escape

I was enjoying the playfulness of a pack of Lions at the Okondeka Waterhole in Etosha Namibia. Typically to the region a brisk thunderstorm cooled the late afternoon air. A Black Rhino came wandering down to the waterhole. His only objective was to quench his thirst. He did not pay much attention to the 11 lions that was taking in his every move. He drank hurriedly for a couple of seconds and suddenly calculated the surroundings. Danger was in the air. The lions positioned themselves for an easy stalk. Without a warning he stunned me and the attackers and escaped galloping up the hill.
This was one of those moments that I realized that no matter at what cost we have to protect this awesome specie. The symbolic moment of this Photo created so many feelings, hope, sadness, expectation, grief, excitement, anger and even desolation! There have been many killings from in South Africa alone. Will rhino be able to survive the senseless slaughtering the same way he escaped the Lion stalk?


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